Photographing Oxford During Lockdown

Photographing Oxford During Lockdown

Coronavirus forced the whole of the UK into lockdown on March 23rd 2020.  My regular work as a documentary cameraman working in the UK TV industry dried up overnight, so I had to think of things to do to use my time.

My initial thought was to go into Oxford, which is local to me, and film the empty streets.  I thought it could be useful stock footage.  Beforehand, though, I thought it was best to visit Oxford to see what it actually looked like.  Was it deserted?  I would take my Nikon stills camera with me and do a recce.

As I drove into the city it became immediately clear to me that the city was deserted!  I drove round the empty streets and parked up.  I got my cameras ready and I walked the empty streets.  I saw hardly a soul.  For some reason the street cleaners were out, and there were a lot of empty, or near empty, buses trundling down the High Street.  Apart from that nothing.  Silence, save for early spring bird song and the occasional, distant, air conditioning unit.  It was eery.  It reminded me of those post Armageddon movies, of Dr. Who.  I have never seen Oxford like it.

The weather over the Easter weekend was simply magnificent, and I made a total of four visits to Oxford, and took a thousand pictures.  Some of them are for sale here.  I hope you enjoy looking at them, and I would be delighted if you decided to purchase one too...

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