Capturing the City of London in All Its Glory

Capturing the City of London in All Its Glory

As a documentary film cameraman and photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to over 75 different countries around the world as part of my job and have seen some truly spectacular sights along the way.

A true creature of habit, no matter how many miles there are between us, I’m always drawn back to good old Blighty and will forever have a soft spot for taking photographs closer to home.

One of my favourite places to photographs is, of course, the City of London. For all the major landmarks and typical tourist hotspots dotted around, it’s the quieter, lesser-known nooks and crannies of the city that I love the most.

There’s something quite special and almost intimate about finding hidden gems and capturing organic moments with my lens for all the world to see. It gives these often overlooked yet vibrant examples of culture and diversity a much-needed voice and shines a spotlight on what I like of think of as the “real” London, rather than just the (admittedly beautiful) attractions we all know and love.

One such photo opportunity presented itself to me on The South Bank at an Airstream Hot Dog Bar, which not only served delicious food but also brought a distinct character and charm to The South Bank, with a sprinkle of retro. Just a few minutes’ walk away on the other side of Waterloo Station lies the Leak Street Tunnel, a gorgeous set of railway arches that is home to some impressive urban artwork along London’s longest legal graffiti wall, which is a sight you definitely won’t want to miss!

Of course, beyond the unique and colourful lies the loud and proud skyline of London, which I couldn’t resist capturing from Waterloo Bridge along my walk beside the River Thames. It’s a view that is ever-changing, yet somehow always seems to stay the same; a little like life, I suppose. It’s these little changes that make me want to go back every few years to map out all the nuances that make our capital city of London so iconic, and see what different angles and perspectives I can discover along the way!

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